User does not 'stick' as Editor, reverts to Viewer

I have Grafana 6.3.3 connected to our LDAP
When I log in using my personal LDAP creds I get assigned as a Viewer
So I logged in as the admin account, changed me to an Editor
Logged out and logged back in as me - and I don’t have any Editor access
So, I logged back out and logged back in as admin and my permissions were reset to Viewer
So I changed them to Editor again, thinking maybe they didn’t get saved. I logged out of admin, then logged back in as admin and the permissions were still Editor
So, I logged out, logged in as me - and no Editor access. Logged out and back in as admin and they are reset to Viewer again.

What am I doing wrong???

Permissions with LDAP are sync’d each time you login. You no longer manager the user via the UI (except for apply the overall “Grafana Admin” role). You need to set your acl correctly in your ldap.toml file. See for examples. (in short, assign a dn a role and an org)