Use (_value and _text) variable to convert label values

I have stackdriver and elastic search panels that display a chart broken out by ids; however, I would like to display the group names instead of the ids. The issue is that the id<->name data is stored in a sql database (not in the elasticsearch cluster or the stackdriver logs.) I would like to be able to use an alias that translates the ids to the name values using the data I’ve stored in the variable or through another feature is fine.

I couldn’t find a way to do this, am I missing something? A lookup feature such as I described seems like pretty basic functionality for a charting panel?

If not, I’d like either a new feature that allows me to define a lookup table by supplying a query that returns two columns OR to be able to use a multi column variable for this purpose.

Thanks in advance for any tips or help!

@ford did you ever get a solution to this? I have the same issue:

  • a query variable $place which selects from an Amazon RDS MySQL database using the query
    • SELECT name AS __text, id AS __value FROM places
  • a graph panel running against a custom AWS CloudWatch metric using a query similar to:
    • Region: default
    • Namespace: MyApp/MyNamespace
    • MetricName: MyMetric
    • Stats: Maximum
    • Dimensions: placeId = $place

The graph populates as I would like, except that I am unable to get the labels in the legend to appear as the __text from the variable. It is always the __value which in my case is a uuid :frowning_face:

@pblew no, I have been unable to find a solution. I’ve had the same issue trying to use __text, __value fields in the variable in an attempt to get the __value field to show as the legend labels…no luck. :frowning: