Url-based healthcheck as datasource in up/down-panel

Hello all,

We’re using Grafana v 9.5.6, running as a docker image on a Windows Server 2019.
Normally we use Prometheus as a datasource, which is working fine.
Now I wanted to add two simple healthchecks to a new dashboard, displaying the result as up/down-panels. The health check is set up by a third party and simply returns a json ({“ready”:true,“status”:“”}) upon sending an http-request (or entering the url in a browser).

It seems almost too easy. However, I cannot add the url to the targets in my prometheus.yml, which returns the error “is not a valid hostname”. Is there any straightforward way to display the result of an exisitng url-based healtchcheck in a Grafana-panel? Which datasource should I use?
Is there a way of getting the health status using PromQL with Prometheus or do I need a different datasource, plugin or implementation like this one Monitor API Health Check with Prometheus - DEV Community ?

Thank you very much in advance!

Welcome @tomerbarnea

Look at infinity plugin

Does access to url require auth or token?

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Hi, thank you so much for your quick reply.
No authentication or token needed, as it is within the same internal network.
I will try to install the infinity plugin then and configure the datasource.
Is it okay to leave this ticket open until I am sure I can access and display the healthcheck result?

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