Grafana Dashboard not showing data from promethues installed in VM

Hello All,
I have installed the prometheus in a ubuntu vm 18.04. Even installed the Grafana in it.
However grafana not showing the data of promethues.

I have public IP of the VM where 9090, 9091, 3000 are exposed and listening.

Prometheus dashboard is running and showing targets and metrics. Grafana dashboard running also, created the Datasource. Data source is working and testing running.

But when i’m confuguring the vm dashboards data not showing.

Giving me errors

“status”: “error”,
“errorType”: “bad_data”,
“error”: “parse error at char 99: missing unit character in duration”,
“message”: “parse error at char 99: missing unit character in duration”


welcome to the :grafana: forum, @bharatsodag

Are you using pre-built dashboards? If you try to write your own basic query like up{}, do you get data back?

hello , I’m using the pre-built VM dashboards.
i have not written the basic query. let me check it.