Upgraded to v8.1 now getting blank annotations

I upgraded to v8.1.0 and now I’m noticing that I’m getting blank annotations all over the place. Before the upgrade I was on v8.0 and annotations were broken. Now in v8.1.0 I can add my own but I’m also getting a lot of empty ones appear and I don’t know how they’re getting in there. There’s not any known process that would be using the Grafana api that might explain how they’re getting in there.

Any hints or help in trying to find how these blank annotations are getting in there?

I’ve made an observation that the blank annotations are related to alerts. When the alerts go into their various states, they’ll make an annotation for all panels on the dashboard. The annotation is still blank, but at least I think I have an explanation.

What I miss is that annotations used to be color code with the alert, (green, yellow, red) and then user defined were blue. Now all annotations are just all blue.

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