Cannot add annotation to the new timeseries visual

Upgrade Grafana v7 to v8.0.5 and updated from the old Graph visual to the new Timeseries visual and I no longer can add annotations to those upgraded panels or any brand new timeseries visual. I can still add annotations to the old graph panels. Seems like a bug?


just tried this. same result = cant add annotation in new timeseries panel.
I can do this in graph (old) panel.
*panic as we need this feature for our client reports

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Is there a fix for this or do you just use the old graph object?

Hi, perhaps try v8.1.2 or v8.1.3 to get this functionality.
Support for adding annotations looks to have been addressed through Ability to add annotations on the new time series panel · Issue #35424 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

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Upgraded to the latest v8+ version which fixes it after the v8.0.5 release. Something to note, annotations are no longer red, yellow, green, blue for alert status and manually entered, they’re all just blue now which makes me sad.

Thank you - that worked.