No Native Annotations with Time Series

I am using Grafana v8.0.6 Open Source on Linux.

I am trying to insert a native annotation in a time series panel, but it won’t seem to work.

In the documentation Annotations | Grafana Labs, it states that simply pressing Ctrl/Cmd+Click will insert an annotation. This doesn’t seem to work for the time series graph that I am using.
When I change the panel to a graph (old), the native annotations appear to work as they should with Ctrl/Cmd+click.

I am using the default configurations. Have I forgetten to set something up properly in the panel options or in the configurations to allow native annotations with the time series panel or is something else wrong?

If it helps, I am using InfluxDB as the data source.

I’m new to this (doing a tutorial) and I have this problem as well. v8.0.6 on a Mac.
There simply is no option to show annotations and I don’t have an option to change the panel to another as a workaround.

I’ve clicked directly per the Tutorial and also clicked with Command and Control keys and there is no option shown to annotate. Using the installed Prometheus as the data source.

Maybe this is in a Docker configuration? I had installed the tutorial with defaults and an older (Grafana 7.X) and then upgraded to 8.06 and reconnected to the docker containers with the direct IP for my localhost.