Annotation list panel shows only built-in annotations


I have two sources of annotations on a dashboard: built-in (one annotation added by a user from the panel level) and added from InfluxDB (several annotations in a chosen time range). Annotations from both sources are correctly displayed on a Time series panel. However, in the Annotation list panel I can only see the built-in annotations and not the ones from InfluxDB.

Here are some details:

  • Annotation list is configured to query from all dashboards and use dashboard Time range.
  • I have tried to configure annotations from InfluxDB as new annotation and as modification of the “Annotations & Alerts (Built-in)”. In both cases I can only see annotations added from the panel.
  • I’m using Grafana v9.3.4 which is running on Ubuntu 22

In the Annotation list panel I would like to see the list of annotations from all sources for given time range.
Is there a solution to this problem?