Annotations freezing time range

Hello everyone,

We have updated Grafana to the latest version available (11.1.0) and a problem has arisen in connection with annotations.

Currently, we have a panel that displays a ‘State Timeline’ graph, some ‘Time series’ graphs and a table with information. At the top of the panel, we have multiple selectors to add different annotations to all of the panels and, among the annotations, there are puntual annotations (discrete, one point in time) and range annotations (data that has a beginning and an end).

The problem comes when we combine these two different annotations into the panel. If a puntual and a range annotation are selected, the time series graphs are not updated anymore according to the time range selected. The graphs do not update to the new interval neither by selecting another time range manually on the graph, nor via the time range selector on the panel.

This problem also messes with the representation of the annotations on the graph, changing the colors or converting the range annotations into puntual ones. It also blocks the possibility of deselecting the annotation.

Any help would be highly appreciated. If you need any more info on the problem, please, let me know.