Upgrade to 10.0.2 now can only access from local system

I just upgraded my Windows 10 Grafana installation from 9.3.3 where everything was working fine to 10.0.2. With the new version I am only able to connect from the local machine.

From the remote computers I am consistently getting ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT from the browsers. I have tried Edge and Chrome in regular and privacy modes with the same results.

I checked the firewall and Grafana configurations and everything appears to be the same.

I don’t see anything obvious to me in the release notes of changes that would cause such an error. My guess is it is the firewall but port 3000 is open as it was with the last version. Is there some other port that I need to open now? Or is there some other new or changed default setting that would cause the remote connection to time out?

Any ideas where to look before I revert to the older version?

Thank you.

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After some testing I found the service and firewall was pointing to grafana-server.exe. With the new install the service shows grafana.exe. I updated the firewall to allow grafana.exe and it is working again.

I didn’t see any documentation pointing to the differences in the executables. If someone knows anything I would like to learn the differences.


yeah grafana is the cli tool for grafana to run different things


Understood. However, in the previous versions grafana-server.exe would show up as the actual process not grafana.exe which is the current case. I did not change how I start the server.

Are you running it as an msi install or zip file?

I just started 10.0.2 locally yesterday with the binary and got this deprecation warning:

Deprecation warning: The standalone 'grafana-server' program is deprecated and will be removed in the future. Please update all uses of 'grafana-server' to 'grafana server

The changes are listed in the changelog and are associated with Deprecate `grafana-cli` and `grafana-server` in favor of `grafana cli` and `grafana server` · Issue #66967 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

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