Help needed - Lost interface access

I’m (was) running Grafana on a raspberry pi and after a large system update (apt ugrade), I lost the ability to access to the dashboard interface.
My installation is on the basic 3000 port and I get a connection failed error, the grafana page is not accessible (timeout).

I’m afraid to go in wrong directions.

I runned the “sudo systemctl status grafana-server” command and it shows that the grafana-server is running.
When I use the netstat tool the port 3000 doesn’t show up as listening.

So I have trouble understanding what is going on, has some configuration been changed by the update OR is there something wrong with grafana server ?

I tried to look at some settings from previous posts but nothing seems to look like what I have on the end.

Please understand that this raspberry pi installation is several years old and I have not been the only user (now I am, but not before), so I can’t be sure what has been installed or setup in details. I only know it was running a few hours before the update as I accessed it !

Any help is welcome :slight_smile: