Grafana not listening to port 3000

Hi all,

I just installed Grafana on my Raspberry Pi Zero, following instructions here : and choosing the version for raspberry 1.
At this point the installation went just fine. I started the grafana-server service but i can’t connect to the http port 3000.

I’ve enabled the http protocol and the port 3000 in the config file :


Protocol (http, https, socket)

protocol = http

The ip address to bind to, empty will bind to all interfaces

;http_addr =

The http port to use

http_port = 3000

As I thought it would certainly be needed, I have no grafana.log file in /var/log/grafana/
So if anyone can help it would be really appreciated :slight_smile:


Grafana v5.2.0 includes build for ARMv7 and ARM64. Please try that and let us know the outcome.