Unable to use Variable with the Zabbix plugin


I’m currently using Grafana 10.3.1 and i cannot use the variable syntax ${var_name}, it simply won’t work! As if i was making a typo. Do i have to enable something in the dashboard or in Grafana? Or am i supposed to use /$variable/ or something else?

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I found this documentation link where it explains as how to use variables:

Let us know if this helps.

Hey @chriscimol

you need to use regex “/$variable/” when you are passing a variable and a part of text with the name of the item in zabbix.

if your item in zabbix is:
criticidade alta em hostame
Try creating the item like this:
/criticidade alta em ${host}/

you can see some examples here:
Template Variables Advanced - Training - Dashboards - Grafana (grafana-zabbix.org)

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Thank you very much @bernardolankheet, that was it!