Can i use variable string in panel title (zabbix integration)

hello. somehow when i try to insert variable of type string in title of panel this show me “all” instead of value
or maybe im wrong with my conclusion let me explain my specific scenario
i want to show description of switch port in panel title (panel for example show traffic load of this port) so i getting by snmp descriptions of ports, and when i create variable which get item value and insert this variable in panel title i see “all” value. all other value like bits sent, operational status… etc is working wine, but all of them is integer values which is why i think this is problem with string.
what im doing wrong?

Hey @mefisto74,

Can you show us how you are using your variable in your panel name?
Also, you might need to use the repeat option…


hello. i am using repeat option and panels repeating correctly and all values showing correctly except description somehow…

this is my variable

this is how it showing in zabbix latest data

this is how i can see panels in grafana (this is just 3 panels but it repeating using item tag “interface”

this is how i using this variable

just in case here is how i use repeat option on panel


Hey @mefisto74,

Sorry for the delay.
Your problem is that your are repeating your panel using $item_tag, which looks to work fine in your screenshot, but don’t see each value of your $description. It’s because you are repeating with the $item_tag variable and not the second one.
Panel repeating by $item_tag
name of panel is $item_tag $description
value of $item_tag is G1, G2, G3
value of $description is A1, A2, A3

Grafana is basically repeat the panel for each unique value of $item_tag (G1, G2, G3) but will not iterate trough the $description since Grafana do not know you want to iterate trough it.

I hope that make sense to you…

Best Regards