How to use regex in the variable?

I have a variable to select the zabbix hosts. I want to choose 2 distinct hosts and use each separately in the dashboard. But how can i separate the selected hosts at the time of using the variable?

For example: For $Host variable i select 2 hosts (host1, host2) but in a graph i want to use only host1 and in the other host2. How do i do this when i use the variable? $Host / “regex for the first selected item”?

And how do i initialize a variable with a certain item? I use {*}.

Can i create 2 other variables to get the selected hosts?

For example :

$Host = {host1, host2}

$Host1 = {$Host}{}
$Host2 = {$Host}{}

But how do i use Regex for $Host1 to take host1 and $Host2 to take host2?