Unable to setup more notification policies / routes


I’m trying to setup the correct provisioning for our Grafana (9.2.6) and now I’m in a situation where I provisioned root policy but I’m unable to setup another one please see the screenshot:

According to docs I believe that I should be able to do so. Or Is there something that I’m mising?


I’m also running into this. I provisioned multiple notification polices, however I only see the one root policy.

I believe I know what the issue is. The notification policy is a tree object that is fully overwritten when there are any changes, Alerting Provisioning HTTP API | Grafana documentation Since the root policy is provisioned, you are unable to manually create child routes. I was able to create child routes from the default policy by having a file with the following contents:

  "apiVersion": 1,
  "policies": [
      "receiver": "grafana-default-email",
      "group_by": [
      "routes": [
          "receiver": "slack",
          "matchers": [
            "severity = warning",
            "component = my_component"

Thanks for finding, this is really helpful and should be written in the documentation.
For my use case, it’s ok to have it provisioned at once I only want to set up some child policies for testing. So this is maybe little inconvenient but in general ok

you are a life saver! Seems to be the right way to do things when using the helm chart.