Unable to edit worldPing endpoint

Hey, installed Grafana and added worldPing plugin. Using the free plan i tried to add a simple endpoint to worldPing - only DNS - for now. That’s working, but i couldn’t figure out how i edit the created endpoint to enable e.g. ping or https. Here’s a screenshot of the shown dashboard: https://i.imgur.com/ttYoMB8.png

Im searching for a “configure endpoint” menu…

Ok, found the configuration screen.

The problem is, that you’ve got two screen, on both you see your “Endpoints” and a “Endpoint Details & Config” button:
1: https://i.imgur.com/qhFv0FY.png
2: https://i.imgur.com/4m8MEFO.png

If you click in the [1] screen onto the “Endpoint Details & Config” button, you won’t get to the config, instead you will see the dashboard.
You must navigate over the menu worldPing > Endpoints to your Endpoints screen [2] and then click onto the button.