Unable to add worldping-app endpoint

I am using Grafana in Kubernetes and recently there was a requirement to add worldping app plugin in Grafana UI. After following the documentation to install unsigned plugins, I added this configuration in the deployment of Grafana:-
- env:
value: raintank-worldping-app,grafana-worldmap-panel
value: raintank-worldping-app,grafana-worldmap-panel,worldping-cta,worldping-endpoint-list,worldping-endpoint-nav

After successfully adding the plugin configuration in Grafana, that is new API key, when I open the Worldping Home dashboard, it is not working properly. I am not able to add new endpoints. When I click on New Endpoint, I get a 404 type page:-

Grafana Version: 8.0.1

Please help as I am not able to find relevant information on internet to resolve/troubleshoot this issue.

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