Two dimensional time graph


I have a questions regarding dashboards. I’m currently logging some events. They have an associated timestamp. So, something happened at X time.

I’m trying to achieve a two dimensional time graph, meaning I want to plot the events (multiple per day!) in regard to the day & time they were captured.
Is that possible?

Attached is a picture what I’m trying to achieve (I did it once in Google Sheets and have absolutely no idea, how I did it lol)

(time format is: dd:mm:yyyy in that case)

I’m using Grafana v9.1.5.


Welcome @nilskruck

Yes, this is exactly what Grafana does (and it darn good at!). What is your datasource? Can you upload the data in CSV format?

Yeah, I can upload it in csv. Currently, I’m feeding it from a MySQL DB where there’s just one timestamp column (can be changed, obviously). Do you want a look at the csv from the example picture or the one, I’m currently creating?

Since I’m moving the process over, I can change a lot in my workflow! :slight_smile:

How about the CSV from the one from the picture?

Unfortunately, I’m only allowed to upload pictures. Here’s a photo:

(I removed the column on the right, as it contains information, I’m just not comfortable to share)

Here’s a link for the csv in my GDrive:

Hi @grant2!

Sorry, just saw your request. Was busy the entire weekend. :slight_smile:
You should have access to this sheet now.


Sorry for the delay. OK, I think you can accomplish your goal using Grafana. I took your CSV data and put into Google Sheets, which I have configured as a data source in Grafana. I took your Hour data and converted it to decimal form as follows:

then plotted the data like this (small snippet of data only)…

You could format the y-axis to look nicer (instead of 0 to 24, format as 00:00 to 24:00), but overall this approach should work.

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Hey @grant2!

No worries!
Thank you very much for your help. It looks exactly like I’d like to have it and it helps me a lot! :slight_smile:

I hope you had nice christmas (if you’re celebrating) and will have a nice new years!

Thanks again!