Converting event based data to time series

Hallo guys
I am a Grafana Rooky and do my first steps.

As my first project I want to share some data from my application with grafana. For this I want to visualize events represented as value 1 with timestamps of their appearance.

|2024-04-30 09:03:35|1|
|2024-04-30 09:02:54|1|
|2024-04-30 09:02:22|1|
|2024-04-30 09:01:43|1|
|2024-04-30 09:01:13|1|
|2024-04-30 09:00:33|1|
|2024-04-30 09:00:04|1|
|2024-04-30 09:00:02|1|
|2024-04-30 09:00:02|1|
|2024-04-30 09:00:02|1|

Is there a way grafana transform such data into time series data like below?
|2024-04-30 09:03|1|
|2024-04-30 09:02|2|
|2024-04-30 09:01|2|
|2024-04-30 09:00|5|

The idea grafana doing it is to use the interval option. Manipulating the input data with substr, group by and sum will work but is not very flexible.

SUM Aggregation on the values obviously doesn’t work because there is no possible grouping on timestamps. The Aggregation results in a single line.

Without aggregation:

With aggregation:

The basic question is - How can I convert this kind of data into time series with grafana?