Query related to Timeseries

Hello Guys,

I have one query with respect to Grafana Time series

Currently we can see that, Grafana supports one ‘timestamp’ input against multiple associated entries to plot graph (timeseries graph to be precise), Can we plot multiple metrics which may have different timestamp associated with them?

e.g. Metric1 may have some value at 10:00 AM Timestamp however, other Metric2 will have values at different timestamp. And, we want to plot them on same graph as two metrics are inter-related and graph can help for comparative study.

Could anyone guide us if we can achieve this? Any example would help.

Do you want to plot them on ssme time even though they are on different time?

Yes, for example if we have data something like the uploaded file

how can we plot the timeseries?


Any Idea about this please suggest @yosiasz

what is you datasource? mysql, sql, influxdb?

I am using other datasource @yosiasz