How to TimeSeriesMulti

I have 2 data Frames with different time-series.
How can I return it in one query?
I did research and find TimeSeriesMulti, but I need some examples to understand how to use it

I am writing on typescript


can you explain further what problem are you trying to solve? are you trying to write a panel plugin?

It’d be best if you can provide more information of what you are trying to do (not how). That way you can focus on solving the actual use case and not this specific problem you believe you have.


I’m writing a datasource plugin.
I have endpoint that return timeseries data of instrument(for example temperature). I make request, transform data to dataframe and show it in time series panel.
Now I need to show more than one instrument data by one query in time series panel. The problem is that the timestamps for different instruments are different.
I found this in post about Multi Format Timeseriesmulti but still need some example to understand how return data and what type of configs i need to add to data in datasource so that Time series panel handle it

this is an AI generated answer, I have chatGPT subscription too, please do not spam. I need real code example to resolve my issue

Hi mate,

I am not doing any spamming, I have just shared the possible solutions which you can consider to get solution. However, the format that I used seems like it was generated through ChatGPT. I have been working with Grafana for many years.

Relax I am working professional not spammer. I respect community guideline and content policies.

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