Two Contradictory Roles

Hello, upon logging in to Graf (OS) this morning, I find I have no ability to edit my dashboards. After looking around, I find in Administration that my role is shown as Admin (Team is PACE):

However, in my profile I find that I am only a Viewer:

So, how can this be? I built built our Grafana, and am our primary admin.

Also, as I clicked around trying to figure out what’s going on, I noticed numerous layout changes. For example, my profile icon is now upper-right corner instead of bottom-left where it has always been. There’s a new search bar top middle, and many more which I will not detail – what gives? I looked at screen bottom, and find that my Grafana is v9.5.1 (bc353e4b2d) Last week I was v 9.4.something. I did not update Graf, I would do that in a test environment. What happened, and how did Graf update? AFAIK, there is no auto-update setting.

So how do I resolve the contradictory roles, and regain admin control of my Graf, and how do I turn OFF auto-updating?

We figured out that a Salt call was automatically updating our PROD instance – without testing. Not good, so we’ve disable that. Mystery 2 solved.

Don’t know why the conflicting roles happened, but another admin logged in (always have several alternate admins for times like this) and restored my admin role. Would really like to know specifically why this happened, but it’s pretty clearly linked to the upgrade.