Grafana Admin Access

I am utilizing the open-source Grafana platform.

I have deployed Grafana 8.3.5 in two of my environments DEV and PROD.

I can see that in PROD, the admin has all the required access and able to access everything as a super user.

In DEV, I can see a slight UI mismatch from that of PROD. Some things that are accessible and well defined in PROD, is not appearing similarly/ not accessible to the admin in dev.

In PROD : When I go to the alerting tab, I can see:

  • Alert Rules
  • Contact Points
  • Notification Policies
  • Silences
  • Alert Groups
  • Admin

In DEV, the same alerting tab has only:

  • Alert Rules
  • Notification Channels (Name mismatch as well)

I have gone through the settings, plugins etc. Everything is configured exactly the same way in both the environments.

Can I get help on why this behavior is seen in one environment with the exact same configuration.

Thank you!

You may have the same configuration, but your “user”, which you used for login may have different roles. Different roles = different permissions and that may explain difference.

BTW: Is there any particular reason, why you are using old 8.3.5 version?

Thank you for your prompt response,

I have an admin user with admin permissions in both DEV and PROD. The above-mentioned observations are by logging in as admin.

No reason for the version, do you think upgrading the version will solve the issue?