Trying to migrate from Worldmap, can't resize geojson based on query data

Hello, i am trying to migrate from the worldmap plugin to the geomap panel.

Currently i have a worldmap panel, which querys promethus to get the amount of users for a location and matches it with a json endpoint where it gets the location data and displays a circle based on the amount of users.

The json endpoint is basically just a static json file.

When i want to replicate this setup, i add a geojson layer with the same data as geojson.

Wut i don’t see a way how i can merge this with the data from prometheus.

On the other hand if i try to use the marker layer, the location data has to come from the query, which is also not a possibility for me.

Is there a way to replicate my old setup?


Please share sample data from both and maybe also screeen shots

The Data is linked in the post and you can see the different Panels at: Grafana (The Panel Titel tells you which panel type it is)

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Which data point do you want to merge/join them on?

JSON Model of dashboard

Requires the Infinity plugin

I don’t think i understand your question correctly.

I have the time series data which gives me a number for each node (e.g. node1: 15, node2:0, node3:8) and a json that says where each node is (linked above)

In the worldmap panel i can use the data from prometheus to change the size of the circle. the Geomap plugin seems like it doesn’t support this.

Did you try the dashboard I shared? Upload it and it might help you resolve issue