Trying to add flux plugin but keep getting prompted with error


I am trying to add the flux plugin for Grafana. However, every time I press save & test I am prompted with a window within chrome that asks me to login with a username and a password with the message: “Your connection to this site is not private”. I’m not to sure why I am getting this error, but feel as if it must be a configuration error? Has anyone else ran into this problem? Thanks in advance to all of those who reply. I have attached some pictures to this post. Capture

If it matters, I have the regular InfluxDB plugin running fine as my default with no issues.

I am having the same issue after a power outage. InfluxDB seems to be fine. Have you solved this issue?

I have just installed Grafana on Digital Ocean droplet and trying to connect to InfluxDB and i am getting the exact same issue. I am hoping the community were able to help ?
@janegunnell @kyled - did you resolve?

Please do let me know what i can do.

@daniellee I did follow the listing here
but i wasn’t sure about the actual “Auth” section that is on the setup ( as its not mentioned in the config guide ) - could be my problem?

Are you trying to connect to InfluxDB with the built-in data source? Or are you trying the new Flux language for InfluxDB with the Flux plugin?

@daniellee I am seeing this with the Flux plugin, the built-in data source is working as expected.

I am no longer getting the alert asking for a username and password, now I’m just getting a 401 (forbidden) when I attempt to connect.

I’m confused as to how I should authenticate to InfluxDB through this plugin. I am running version 1.7.9, which does not (to my knowledge) use the “organization, bucket, token” authentication scheme that InfluxDB2 uses. But it seems like the Flux plugin is designed only to accept credentials in the “organization, bucket, token” format. How can I use my “username, password” credentials in the Flux plugin?