Problem connecting to InfluxDB on Windows (auth)

Hi all,
I’m using Grafana 2.6 on Windows 10

I’m trying to configure Grafana to connect to an InfluxDB bucket
The bucket is on localhost:8086

I am getting “error reading InfluxDB. Status Code: 401” which means my authentication credentials are wrong somehow. A lot of stuff found online shows a different set of input fields which I think must be older versions of the Influx config page.

Please see the pics for the specific fields I am trying to fill out.
Thanks for any help you can offer.

Hi @xabra,
If you are using InfluxDB v.2.x. then you need to change Query Language from InfluxQL (that’s used in InfluxDB v1.x.) to FLUX (used in v.2.x). Also, I think that you do not need Basic auth at all so try turning that off.

And fill Organization, Token (need’s to have read permission on bucket) and Default Bucket.


Best regards,

Worked perfectly - Thank you !