Configuring AWS managed InfluxDB with AWS managed Grafana

I’m running InfluxDB & Grafana on our AWS service.
I can ping my InfluxDB bucket and send data to it locally via python.
I cant connect Grafana to my InfluxDB bucket though.

im getting the error:

i dont seem to understand why it wont connect?
i have both attached to the same security group on AWS so access shouldnt be an issue.
using flux as query language.

any tips would be welcome, thank you

how is the datasource authentication to influxdb configured

I/O timeout indicates issue on TCP level. So security groups, subnet ACLs, TGWs, firewalls, … - generally networking is your problem - there can be many things which can block you.

thanks @jangaraj you’re probably right. although I gave the IAM role full admin access and also opened the VPC to allow all port 8086 access just to test it and I still got the same error.

but it looks to be on the AWS side blocking it so i may need to contact AWS support.

@yosiasz i configured it as per required, getting the influx cluster url, the org name and generating an api token . i also tried adding the basic auth of admin and password into the data source config but that gave me the same error.
i dont think its an issue with any of these though and i can connect to the influxdb bucket on other connectors, itst just grafana giving me issues which leads me to assume it may be on the AWS side.