Grafana InfluxDB error: Bad Request

Hi! I’m having a bit of a trouble to get Grafana working. I have set up InfluxDB correctly, this is, I’m getting data in there. But I seem to have gotten stuck on connecting to Influx from Grafana. As you can see I’m getting a “Bad Request” error. Whenever I try to write in faulty connection details I’m getting the error “Bad Gateway”. So the connection details seem to be correct but there is something else that is not working.

Anybody have any suggestions?

The IP adress of my Home Assistant is Although I write homeassistant.local.8123 in my browser to access it. I have tried localhost and some different ports like 8086 but that doesnt work. Strangely, In the influxdb integration i configurations.yaml I had to use port 8086 for it to work. But using that port in Grafana does nothing.

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if you’re still blocked on this, I’d suggest first viewing the network tab in your browser’s developer console. then I’d increase the verbosity of Grafana’s server logs to debug (and the debug logs to console). maybe there is something useful in there.

Increase the verbosity of the Grafana server logs to debug and note any errors. For printing to console, set the console logs to debug as well.

Try changing Query Language to Flux. I tried to configure an InfluxDB data source according to the instructions at InfluxDB data source | Grafana documentation , and I kept getting errors in Grafana saying msg="Authentication to data source failed". After changing to Flux, everything worked as expected.