Transformation: RefId not showing on 2nd Config from query result instance

Hi guys,

not sure if the ‘Query from config result’ option that is found under the ‘Transform’ tab for the panels is designed for one use only?

Right now if I have an instance of the ‘config from query result’ configured and I go on to add another one. It adds but the Config query dropdown box will be blank. Unlike the first instance’s.

I think this is a bug but I thought I’ll ask first. It is pretty easy to replicate it, just head to the ‘Query from config’ example on play.grafana and add another one.

Is this behaviour expected? I have tried it on 8.5.0 seems to be the same aso.

yeah you will find other posts on this forum. It is still in beta and cannot yet be chained. I believe that is the state of affairs right now