Transformation - Filter data by query doesn't seem to work


I would like to reuse certain queries from another panel so I was really happy finding this transformation, but no matter what I do, I cannot make it work.

I wonder if I am doing something wrong or the feature itself is broken (I know it is in Beta).

Grafana version: 7.2.0

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a panel with multiple queries

  2. Create another panel, as datasource choose ‘Use results from panel’ and select the previous panel
    2020-10-02 16_45_44-Grafana Play Home - Grafana-Use Results from panel

  3. Switch to the transform tab in the query editor

  4. Select the transformation ‘Filter data by query’

  5. The transformation is added, but the query RefIds are not being showed

If I am doing something wrong, can you please point it out to me?


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Hi Istvan! I have exactly the same problem - even on it does not seem to work properly (with one exception). I already asked on stack overflow ( and so far did not get the answer. I hope to have this resolved soon.