Transformation: Config from query result's Select -> All values may not be working as expected

Hi all,

I have an use-case where I am trying to build a table panel with 2 columns, 1 representing the max value and another as the current value.

The current value column is a LCD gauge where it should take its max value from the same row. So Row 1’s max is 100 and current is 10, then 1/10 of the gauge should fill up.

Based on Grafana play’s example. I got the impression that you can do this by using the “Select → All values” from the Field section and use ‘Max’ instead of ‘Colors’.

However that is not the case, the transformation operation seems to be using the ‘Last’ value (300) as the base of my gauge’s max value by default. First works as expected, (which is 100 this case) but not when I do ‘All values’ from the Select field. I think it should behave like what the colors example is doing, taking the max from the individual row.

Is this an issue with the “All values” option or I am doing this wrongly. Thanks in advance

Config from Query transformation is still in beta. Sure the teams would love to hear more about the behavior of the all values feature. You should make an issue in the repo