Transform format time on time series


every time I try to transform the time format on a time series chart, it doesn’t work.

On a bar chart I have no problem.

But on a time series, here’s the problem I’m having:

Sometimes, when there are two queries, you have to join the two. That’s why there’s a “Join by field” transformation. With or without I have no change.

Here’s the result with a bart chart

Version : v10.4.1 Grafana Enterprise (no licence)
Database : InfluxDB v.2.7.4

Thanks for the help

Please share a screen capture of the query tab

Thanks for your answer

Here’s a screenshot of my current graph.

The 3 queries concern the same field, but they don’t do the same thing. The first is for the week, the second is for the weekend and the last is for a variable threshold based on the average of the values read.

What’s more, if I try with a new panel and insert a simpler query :

And now, i add the transformation :

whereas with a bar chart :

No problem

probably because it’s an alpha version of the transformation