Total value required in dashboard

Hi Team, I need help to get result total sent and received bits of a network interface in Grafana dashboard from Zabbix data source.
an example image is attached.


~ the grafana team

How about creating an expression like this?

Yes, need to sum both and get the total result.

also how to get output total in MB, GB, or TB as per the total sum value. actually, I want to measure total network utilization of the specific interface.

Were you able to successfully create an expression C as $A+$B?

You should also be able to do basic math (e.g. ($A+$B)/1000) and can select the units in the Grafana settings on the right (in edit view).


i have set the math expression with (($A + $B) / (1024 * 1024 * 1024)) and set unit data with gigabytes. why send and receive is showing “EB”

Try changing the unit to bytes, then you don’t need the / (102410241024)

Thats great!! Thank you so much @sowdenraymond and @grant2 , now the values are showing GB.
job is done close this topic.