Sum network bytes on interface

I have prometheus as data source and below query:
sum(irate(node_network_receive_bytes{instance="", device="bge0"}[1m]))
However it does not look ok in a singlestat. When there is an 1 hour download (1Mbps) it shows only about 50MBs. So thats not true.
Also, when i change interval in grafana, to lets say 3 hours, the sum function in singlestat shows value smaller then this one above (one hour interval).
Options in singlestat, i have ‘total’ and ‘bytes’.

Qeury without ‘sum’ looks for me ok.
Thats what raw value looks like:
# TYPE node_network_receive_bytes gauge
node_network_receive_bytes{device=“bge0”} 1.74774241779e+11

Grafana 5.1.2

ok, so i simply put:

node_network_receive_bytes{instance="", device="bge0"}

With options->stat set to ‘delta’. Looks good, however i think this will not add up if reboot occurred.