Grafana 5.0.3 (commit: 91162f3) - The best way to calculate the total request of a metric

Hello, gurus

I have installed the grafana 5.0.3 and backed by the promethus 2.1.0.
Had a singlestat grafa to display the total request of a given endpoint, here’s the syntax used
sum($pname) by (__instance). both min-step and min time interval set to 1s. and under the Options section, set the stat to Delta

but when I changes the time range in upper right corner , i could see the step parameter sent to prometheus in the Query Inspector got changed accordingly, the result not stable, not represent the actual data.

The metrics are pushed to the statsd_exporter and prometheus configured scrape_interval to 5s

Is that the correct behavior or how could i get a reliable total requests that give endpoint ?

Thank you