Problem with min_step and statistics in singlestat

Hi all,

I have a page to calculate SLI, with values changing every minute (0:OK, 1:Down) retrieved by prometheus (every 15s). I insert them in a singlestat which just averages the values (times 100).
Since the last update of grafana, it’s broken, as the minimum step I can use is 900s and not 60s anymore.
The values used for the calculation are 97 values out of the 1440 I would like to have …

The request is:

and I can’t have the step at 60s, whatever I do (the configured min step is 1m).

Any clue ?


OK, seems it’s a matter of prometheus querying… which I don’t know much.
So I have to learn that.

step depends on the time range, so bigger time range bigger step

Yes, thanks.
The problem was that I wanted Grafana to calculate the average, while Prometheus can do it easily.

Problem solved.