Tooltip showing all states

Hey! Is there a way to get the tooltip to act like it does when using the “Graph (Old)” ?
When using that one you see the tooltip of all graphs at the same time showing the latest state of each graph.
When using the Time Series visualization and select Tooltip > All you will only see the active current state of the selected graph meaning that the states is empty in the tooltip at some places of the time-period. Is there a way to make the tooltip show all states/latest state?

@mrglad8 I don’t see a graph option on the old graph to display last in the tooltip. can you show a picture of the tooltip behavior you want to see?

You can configure the time series legend to show the last non-null value for each series:

Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 3.48.45 PM

Here you can see the diffrence, in the “Graph (old)” I see all states.

@mrglad8 I see what you mean in the screenshots. I checked to be sure, and I see all of the series values shown in the tooltip on our demo site, this instance is running version 8.5.0 Beta 1

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