Time series panel and tooltip information

Grafana Version v8.0.2

When using the old Graph Panel, the cursor legend would display the last point of information. Ive started upgrading to the new time series panel, but the cursor legend only displays the information if a point lines up with the cursor.

Is there a way to configure always show the last point?

see above graph panel showing the cursor with all last values e.g. pos last point hasnt changed for a couple of minutes

see above time series panel showing that the legend only has one value that corresponds with the only point being available with the cursor.

There are a few GitHub issues/discussions on this - maybe see Tooltip in Time series vs. Graph (old) · Issue #36346 · grafana/grafana · GitHub as a starting point. I haven’t kept track of the latest status, but I don’t believe there is a way to directly replicate the old functionality when using the time series panel.

Grafana must resolve some related issues on Time Series Panel before discontinue the Graph (old). Show values in list / table or tooltip is really a headache and without this feature it losses a half of its utility. Greetings

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