Timezone problems with Grafana and elasticsearch

Hi, everyone!
I am using grafana to display data and use Elasticsearch as datasource.

It seems the grafana get the wrong index when query data and I think this may concerns about timezone. My timezone is UTC +08: 00 and timestamp stored in elasticsearch is also UTC+08:00. Here is the issue: for example, suppose the time is now 2019-06-02 01:00, elasticsearch will store the data at [index-name-]2019-06-02, but when Grafana sends a query to an es, it makes a request with [index-name]-2019-06-01. Data of 2019-06-02 will be displayed normally from 2019-06-02 08:00.
The index name on the datasource is “[index-name-]YYYY-MM-DD” and the pattern is set to “Daily”.
Also, in Time Options on the dashboard, TimeZone is set to “Local browser time”.
Nevertheless, it seems that grafana using the UTC time to determine which index to search for data instead of local time zone.
Can I do some configuration to fix this? Hope for your reply and thank you very much!


Use UTC for ES doc and you won’t have any problem.

ok, I’ll try it. Thank you very much!

Hi, I use ES with timezone UTC , when query data with timezone GMT+7. Please help me

Same Here I use ES UTC timezone, and need to display data in grafana with GMT +7 , using grafana 7.1.5