TimeSeries Graph not showing with JSON API

I am trying to show Json data day wise on the time series graph but values are displayed on the graph

ok bro, can you provide more information ? if you want help

“Items”: [
“callReceived”: 200,
“callAnswered”: 170,
“callAbondened”: 20,
“others”: 10,
“day”: “monday”
“callReceived”: 300,
“callAnswered”: 280,
“callAbondened”: 10,
“others”: 10,
“day”: “tuesday”
“callReceived”: 275,
“callAnswered”: 270,
“callAbondened”: 0,
“others”: 5,
“day”: “wednesday”
“callReceived”: 600,
“callAnswered”: 470,
“callAbondened”: 5,
“others”: 25,
“day”: “thursday”
“callReceived”: 50,
“callAnswered”: 45,
“callAbondened”: 2,
“others”: 3,
“day”: “friday”
This is my Json APi response this data is shown in the table format but when in turned it into time series graph No this is shown

Please check it out and guide me how to do that i am new at Grafana

there is no time field, then no time series.(Time series | Grafana documentation)

how we can add time field for in this data

and one more question I am also using D3 Guage can we add data into D3 gauge with out time series

That is up to your json api response

I am using Mock API how we can add time series in mock api through postman
“timeStamp”: “2022-07-28 12:22:03”,
“voice”: 61,
“chat”: 70,
“task”: 60
can we add this as a mock?

you need to find data format for each panel,
for exemple time series need time field + number field to be display in grafana.
single gauge will need single value,
more info in doc of each panel:

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you can use infinity plugin to mock it yes

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It is working fine Thanks you guys very much
Thanks a lot Grafana community, Thanks yosiasz and alexandrearmand

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One question Why lines are not showning??
Only datapoints are apeared

hard to tell just from watching pictures. please also show us your data and the query you used

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Everything Going Perfect You can Close this Topic Thank You @yosiasz and @alexandrearmand