Times series and stack series - works in "normal" but errors in percentage

Hi there,

I hope someone had the same issue and find a solution… I spend to much time trying to solve it.

Here is my case : i’m trying to show a time series with 3 graph and want to stack 2 of them (by percentage) and leave the third one by default.
The 2 first are visualized by bar and the last one by line.

It works well when I leave the stacking in “normal” but once I set it in percentage, the bars just disapear.

If you have the answer or a hint, you are the best :slight_smile:

Thank you !

What grafana version are you using and have you set overrides that are specific to each series?

Hi Mattabrams,

I’m using the v8.1.2 version.

Yes I tried to use the overrides in differents ways but got the same problem :

  • Disable the generic stack series (menu All) and enable it in the overrides for the red and blue bars
  • Enable the generic stack series (menu All) and disable it in the overrides for the green line

My issue stay the same, once I set the % my 2 bars (red and blue) disappear.

Do you have an hint please ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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