Grafana - make correct values when changing Stack series to 100%

I made a graph that displays user distribution by their app version. My request is

let Step = iff(timespan($__timeInterval) < timespan(1d), timespan(1d), timespan($__timeInterval));
    | where $__timeFilter(Timestamp)
    | where Source == "courierapp" and isnotempty(CourierId)
    | summarize by CourierId, bin(Timestamp, Step), AppVersion
    | make-series Version=count() default=0 on Timestamp from $__timeFrom to $__timeTo step Step by AppVersion

As an output my data is like this

After changing Stack series to 100% my graph looks fine, but when hovering over some point the value looks like actual number * 100%. That means that 66 out of total 200 will look not like 33% but like 6600%.

Please tell me if it is fixable by panel settings or there is no other way than no change my request?

welcome to the :grafana: community @koshmariel!

It’s hard to tell just from looking if there’s a way to change the graph.

Are you able to export and share the dashboard json and follow these steps to share your raw unformatted data? That way, the community can try and mock up your problem :+1: