Time zone settings

Dear Grafana,

I have installed the 6.3.1 version and linked the dashboard with a MSSQL database. My problem is that time zone is not displayed correctly. I live in Romania so time zone is UTC+2h. However, for some reason, when I select the Romanian time-zone in Grafana (or the browser timezone) the data is displayed with additional 2h shift over the correct timing (UTC+4h). On the other hand, if I select the visualization time-range (e.g. data from last 6 hours) the window of the chart is correctly set… but consequently, 2 hours of data are hidden.

Please support
Thank you very much
Sebastian Olteanu

It looks like you are not following the best practice for data - data in the DB should be saved in the UTC timezone.

As a workaround use your DB time functions and convert local timezone to UTC time zone on the SQL level.

Thank you very much.
Your reccomandations solved the problem :wink: