Time zone setting in Grafana


my data in influx DB is stored in UTC. I am located in central European time zone CET (since a few days summer time CEST). So currently I am 2 hours ahead of UTC, in winter I am 1 hour ahead of UTC.

When I set in my Grafana dashboard in the setting to use UTC, the data shows compared to my current time a 2 hour difference. That is correct for example for today.

Issue 1:
That is not correct for data from last week, since then we had winter time and only 1 hour difference to UTC. Is that a known issue or am I doing something wrong?

Now I would like to change the setting to use my local browser time.

Issue 2:
Now the data in the dashboard shows an 1 hour difference, so it seems that Grafana thinks that between UTC and central european time zone is always 1 hour difference. Which is not the case during summer time. Is that a known issue, or did I do something wrong?

Any ideas are appreciated!