Timezone Setting per Dashboard possible?

Hello everyone,
I have a question regarding time zone handling in dashboards with an InfluxDB datasource:
To display the time-related data correctly, I now append to each InfluxQL query the parameter tz(‘Europe/Berlin’).

Is there a possibility to set this globally for the whole dashboard?

Thanks for your help.

Is that timezone different to the timezone of the browser?

Well I honestly do not know the timezone of the browser itself, but it runs on a Windows 7 machine, which is configured in the “Europe/Berlin” timezone, so I think it should be correct.

By default the browser will use the Windows configured timezone. If in the dashboard settings you select Time Zone to be the Browser timezone then grafana will show the data in the local timezone automatically.

My problem is that I am adding a measurement at midnight at UTC+1 timezone, but when I then display the graph without adding the tz(‘Europe/Berlin’), it shows at 23:00, which is the UTC time. It should however show 0:00 in my timezone UTC+1.

In the InfluxDB it is correctly stored. The InfluxDB works with an UTC timezone and there the measurement is stored at 23:00 in UTC timezone.

I also thought that Grafana would just work it out for me, but it does not.

If the PC is set to UTC+1 and the dashboard is set to use the browser timezone then it should just work. Are you sure the data in the db is in UTC, it can be difficult to tell sometimes because the client you are using to view the data may convert to local time to display it.
I am not sure exactly what the tz option in the query is supposed to do. Can you point to the docs for that?

Hi everyone, I have two panels with different time setting. The dashboard timezone setting is set to local, but one panel (with the table) shows correct time whereas the other one (with the graph) shows universal time. I cannot override that time in the panel settings either.

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