Time Unit on Y-Axis in Grafana when connected with Mysql datasource is showing wrong output

I am choosing milliseconds unit of time in panel like below , but it shows me seconds output…and so on… Can any one please help me how to correct this or is there any error in Grafana (showing milliseconds when choosing for microseconds ) ?
my query looks like this…
FLOOR(UNIX_TIMESTAMP(Time)) as time_sec,
avg(timestampdiff(microsecond,Time1,Time2)) as value,
‘Response Time’ as metric
FROM table
WHERE $__timeFilter(Time)
GROUP BY time_sec,extract(minute from Time)
ORDER BY time_sec ASC

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Would be valuable if you can have a look at the query inspector, copy to clipboard and paste it here.


The mysql data source currently only supports seconds for the timestamp. The postgres data source supports higher precisions and we will hopefully be adding that to the mysql data source in January.

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Oh , Okay ! Thank you.