Time Series Graph not accepting numeric casting

I’m currently trying to graph a dataset that is returned from an API and I’m running into issues where the the graph says “Data is missing a number field”. After looking at your documentation I came to the solution that I needed to cast the string into an Integer, but that doesn’t seem to be helping. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong would be helpful.

Data from the API:


Screen shot of the error:

Screen shot of the table view:

Screen shot of query browser:

"288" is a string, but 288 is a number → your API return strings instead of numbers, so they are not threated as numbers in the Grafana. You can see it in the table view as String icon in header:

Override is how it is visualized - that’s not for casting.
Fix your API.
Or (the worse solution) use transformation on the Grafana level to convert string field to numeric field:

That’s not an error but that said what is the name of the first data set, what does it represent?