Time series for github datasource (github issues)

Hi all!

I’m trying to build a time series for a Github datasource.

I queried Github issues with the label bug, and now I want to see kinda trend over time.
Basically, I need to see, for example a dot for each bug created.

Here is how time series looks for me (so it doesn’t return the data, but doesn’t show the error either). At the same time if I switch, e.g. to the heatmap, I see No data points error.

I’m new to Grafana, so I would appreciate any help!


This is a limitation to the GitHub plugin and you can find the explanation in the blog post.

There is a feature request in the Github repo of the plugin: [Feature Request]: Graphing data over time · Issue #62 · grafana/github-datasource · GitHub
You can subscribe to it if you want to follow the evolution of this feature.