Time Ranges - Dashboard vs Panel

Grafana 8, the dashboard is set to 5 months. I want one of the panels to be set to 5 years. Adding 5y to query options relative time has no effect. The dashboard time frame persists.

Bug? Doing it wrong?

If dashboard time is larger than query relative time it works, but not the other way around. Bug?

If you you select custom dates, not preconfigured dates, for the dashboard it breaks query options relative time.

If I put the dashboard on 5 years (pre configured) and panel query options 5y it works.

If I change dashboard 5y to april 14 2021 to now…it breaks.

I have similar problem as you
asked around, tried lots of things, nothing work
so what I did was, put my special panels that dont need date range selection into different dashboard under the same folder.

it’s dumb, but I dont see any solution for this yet.

grafana should have an option to persist/retain/detach a panel from the date selection

You can change the time range in flux query maybe. Like:

If you have set time range of dashboard to 5 months, you can write for that specific panel as |> range(start: -4.5Y, stop: timeRangeStop).

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Cool. I’ll give this a try.